Katharine Carr
UX Professional


Information Architecture



Project Objective

Design a careers site for The Retail Outsource Company. After three rounds of intense revisions, the client asked us to combine elements of all three designs into one composition. 

My Role: I worked with the Creative Director and the development team to make sure my designs and approach were in line with the capabilities of the technology and the user experience.

Deliverables: Careers landing page, search results, job description page, locations page, LinkedIn job matching page

Key Tools/Methods:

  • Free-hand sketching
  • Photoshop

Date: Fall 2016

View the desktop or mobile designs, or read the case study below.

Case Study


T-ROC wanted to attract job candidates that were looking for work in retail sales — 20-something-year-olds who were tech savvy, outgoing, driven, and competitive. Leveraging that knowledge, we added a few extra interactive features: a show/hide element for advanced search options below the main search bar, and a click-to-show feature where we used icons to highlight benefits of working with T-ROC.

Design Process & Solution

To mesh the three designs, I set up a margins and styles reference — a mini-branding guideline to use as I created the remaining search results page, job description page, locations, and LinkedIn job matching pages.


This project gave me the opportunity to combine multiple design styles into one. Keeping track of the three seperate design styles to create one, cohesive style challenged me to stay organized and re-interpret the design styles into one final look and feel.