Katharine Carr
UX Professional

The Smartwatch

Field interviews 



Project Objective

Study how people are using the smartwatch. Define the average customer, how they feel about the purchase, frequency of use, and hurdles to learning and living with a smartwatch.

My Role: I completed three field studies and developed two of our four personas, and a user journey showing life with a smartwatch.

Deliverables: Personas, task flows, a journey map, and a use matrix

Key Tools/Methods:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Draw.io (tool to create task flows)
  • Photoshop

Date: Fall 2016

View the full presentation, or view the case study below.

Case Study

Research Goals

We wanted to gain a better understanding of how people are using a relatively new device: the smartwatch. We gathered our information through hour-long field studies where we observed how, why, and what people are using their smartwatches for.

The Field Interviews

We developed an introductory script and a set of questions to go over during each interview, based on the goals of the study and what we wanted to include in our personas. Some of the questions we asked were how quickly did it take to learn how to use the watch, and how the watch fits in with their use of laptop or smartphone.

Persona Development

We created archetypes from similarities we found among the people we interviewed —the gadget enthusiast, the technology expert, and the outlier. We defined their daily use, pain points, and other notable observations from our interviews.

Documenting the User Experience

We developed task flows for two common tasks on the smartwatch, which showed the sequence of decision making for each task. Our journey map showed the range of emotions a customer experienced at different points while they adjusted to life with a smartwatch. 


I really enjoyed working with my teammate on this project, as we were both discovering the patterns together. Seeing the archetypes among the users emerge was also really interesting. Studying the smartwatch in particular showed me how important and influential technology is to our daily lives.