Katharine Carr
UX Professional


Careers site design



Project Objective

Design a careers site for a pitch to a new client, ICF. Using their existing site as starting point, leverage their branding elements to create a site that highlights the 13 career areas they have.

My Role: I worked with the Creative Director and Digital Strategist to design the desktop and mobile careers site, using the content we could find on the client's website and online presences.

Deliverables: Desktop and mobile careers site design (12 pages total), and one digital ad to market to potential job candidates

Key Tools/Methods:

  • Free-hand sketching
  • Photoshop

Date: Spring 2017

View the desktop or mobile designs, or read the case study below.

Case Study

Defining the Ask

The client had recently rolled out a redesign of their corporate branding. My team's job was to design a careers site consistent with the look and feel the corporate site, but showing our consideration for the job candidate's experience on the site, and highlighting the client's markets. 


There was a significant time crunch on this project, as we wanted to win the business. We also did not have access to their new branding guidelines, so I did considerable research on their current site to interpret the style as best I could.

Design Process & Solution

The client wanted the different markets they covered to be represented as soon as the user lands on the careers homepage. I highlighted the 13 areas using a grid where each market had its own box, and the rest of the areas were filled in with photos. I personalized the job description pages by adding a header image specific to the department the job was in. I also designed a search filter for both search results and LinkedIn job matching pages.


I enjoyed researching the client's brand, and suggesting modules we could add based on the content I found on their online presences. This was an exciting opportunity to design for a potentialnew client and show how we could tailor our product for the client's specific needs.