Katharine Carr
UX Professional


Careers site design



Project Objective

Create a revised careers site design that reflects Fiserv's main site redesign. Design interactive features and landing pages.

My Role: I was the lead Graphic Designer on this project. There was no Creative Director assigned to the client at the time, so I worked to gain mastery of the brand while simultaneously completing the redesign.

Deliverables: Desktop and mobile careers site design (16 pages total)

Key Tools/Methods:

  • Free-hand sketching
  • Photoshop

Date: Winter 2017

View the desktop or mobile designs, or read the case study below.

Case Study

Defining the Ask

The Fiserv main website had just been redesigned, so the client wanted their careers site to match. I reviewed the styles of the new site, and the examples from the clients of other sites and interactions they liked.

Design Process & Solution

I developed an interactive element for the “Meet Our Associates” section on the careers home page, and redesigned the “Hiring Process” page to present the information in a dynamic way. 

The client had a six-stage hiring process they wanted to explain on that page. I designed a box for each stage that would flip and expand on click, and included a “Next” button to show that each stage was a point in the larger process. I included icons from their brand assets to draw the user's eye. The “Meet Our Associates” section functioned similarly — with a flip and expand on click, but with the majority of the associates hidden on first view of the site. 


This project challenged me to think of engaging ways to display otherwise dry content using interactive elements. I wanted to design something that simplified the content and made the user want to engage with it. I enjoyed diving into the Fiserv brand too, as this was my first time designing within it.